Monday, October 20, 2008

Synchroblog #2: On Happiness

The prompt for this month’s synchroblog is: "I'm usually in a good mood or being myself when..."

Have any of you ever seen me in a really good mood? I’m just curious. Because I don’t think I ever am. And according to a conversation I had with two old friends last night, I never do. Oh well. I guess I’m only myself when I’m around two kinds of people: my family and those I know I can trust, or random strangers that I will probably never see again.

With my family, I know that I can pretty much act like the biggest ditz in the world and it won’t faze them. That’s probably the one thing I can enjoy. When I was home for the summer it was a little different. I couldn’t tell them everything about me, but at least my personality could be what I wanted it to be. I figured they would love me no matter what, so I could talk about the most random things on the planet and they wouldn’t care. I would drive them up the wall, but they would still listen.

The same holds true for those friends that I know I can trust. And that number is very small. It’s pretty much Hayley, who has proven she’s an awesome friend that doesn’t let stupid things get in the way, Ryan, who I only really talk to online, Michael, because we are the coolest siblings in the entire world, and one other friend I can’t mention here (but things are kinda complicated in a good way with him). So yeah, 4 people outside my family who know the real me. Guess I’m only in a good mood a small percent of the time, because those are the only people I’m ever myself and truly happy around.

The random strangers, yeah those are the people I meet at raves. And I’m myself around them because they don’t give a fuck. They are the nicest and down to earth people I meet. I can act like me- and they get it. Hell, they even love it. I can be my serious self around Chesh, be “sensitive” with Rabbit, go crazy dancing around everyone else. It’s just amazing. The music puts me in the greatest mood, even more so than the people. It’s exhilarating, especially if I get killer sets from my favorite DJs that just make me want to keep dancing even though I’m completely exhausted and sore. At that point, although I can’t dance and I look retarded, I’m me. A HAPPY me.

I guess that last paragraph was kinda redundant, sorry for that. I’m sitting in the library and I’m a little distracted. And this Infected Mushroom song came on, which is awesome.

Best time to find me in a good mood and being myself: Right after I have finished an article and it has turned out to be one of my best. Nothing beats that. EVER. Maybe seeing it published, but it’s not quite as immediate. The sense of accomplishment lifts me up and turns me into this super-nice person. I never thought about this before, but no one has ever seen me when this happens, so they don’t comment and I forget about it.

Mmmk, so that answers this blog. Any questions?

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  1. Awesome, Erin. I'm glad you decided to participate. No one can't tell when they are happy unless they tell it themselves. Enjoy your day!